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Albron is a traditional Dutch, independent foodservice-organisation with headquarters in de Meern and almost 1.000 restaurants throughout the Netherlands. We provide food and drinks to our customers under their own roof and continuously aim for a positive perspective for all involved. For over 100 years, Albron provides tasty and healthy food and drinks. Nowadays, there are more than 5.000 employees who are ready to serve you on a daily basis. Albron provides their services at companies and governments, schools and universities, in hospitals and healthcare facilities, at multi-day events and holiday accommodations. Personal care and attention are very important for us. This is reflected by the motivation and competence of our staff and the satisfaction of our guests. We are closely monitoring the changing needs of the market. On the basis of our research we determine the market trends. Because of our efforts in monitoring changes, in the future we will still have the position of unchallenged authority and trendsetter in the Dutch foodservice market.

Number of employees:        5.000
Number of point of sales:    1.000
Number of guest contacts: 91.250.000


In the last 60 years The Efteling has become one of the largest theme parks in Europe, with more than4.2 million visitors per year. In addition, the Efteling World consists of a hotel, holiday village Efteling Bosrijk, a golf park and a theatre. All of this ensures that the Efteling is a perfect location for business meetings and large scale events. More and more frequent the Efteling brings its fairy tale world beyond Kaatsheuvel. Because of all the television series and programs everyone can enjoy the fairy tale world of the Efteling at home.

Number of employees:           1.280
Number of point of sales:        33
Number of guest contacts:    4.200.000

FFC (Franchise Friendly Concepts)

FFC enables entrepreneurs to improve their entrepreneurship. We relieve entrepreneurs by providing ‘best of class’ Marketing and excellent service. Joining FFC as an entrepreneur and manufacturer means joining the Dutch top in the Fast service industry. Kwalitaria is the largest cafeteria formula of the Netherlands with more than 100 locations. Smulwereld is the cafeteria formula for in the neighbourhood. Cookers is the fast dining formula and with Shop-in-shop Delifrance, FFC serves the fast-growing bread segment.

Number of employees:          1.000
Number of point of sales:       150
Number of guest contacts:    8.000.000


HMSHost operates more than 75 restaurants, conference facilities, a hotel and catering units at Schiphol Airport, including Bread!, East bar & bites, Park Café, Dutch Kitchen & Bar, Starbucks and Bubbles Seafood and Wine Bar. These points of sale range from self-service and counter service to ministry. Some of the locations are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. HMSHost is part of the Autogrill SpA Group.

Number of employees:          1.500
Number of point of sales:        75 (Schiphol)
Number of guest contacts:     20.000.000

La Place

La Place is the number one catering formula of Holland Founded in 1978 and since 2016 element of the Jumbo Group. La Place locations are found  along highways, at shopping malls and at Schiphol Airport. The restaurants, café, express and food formulas have grown to big crowd pullers. Besides the restaurants, cafés and take-away formulas, La Place can also be found at large (public) events as North Sea Jazz, Share a Perfect day and Lowlands. The different concepts are developed in-house are among the top of Europe. Since the start of the business, La Place makes decisions with taste as the most important criterion. The home made dishes are made with fresh, preferably 100% natural, organic and sustainable ingredients.

Number of employees:           2.000+
Number of point of sales:        55
Number of guest contacts:      15.000.000+

Vermaat Groep

Vermaat Groep is a family company where work is done with pride and passion. Vermaat Groep has grown from a delicacy store in Utrecht to a company responsible for catering in multiple hospitals, prominent museums, companies and regular hospitality facilities. Anticipating the internal culture of our partner, a suitable catering concept is created. In our concepts we heavily focus on the experience of the customer. This is achieved through the perfect combination of a pleasant environment, high quality products and a high level of service; In short, the guest comes first. Guests and partners are surprised again and again because of the innovation and flexibility in the company. Vermaat has created a catering concept by doing everything with its own strengths. All expertise as construction knowledge, concept development, party service and marketing are all in–house.

Number of employees:           2.300
Number of point of sales:        220
Number of guest contacts:     20.000.000

Total Nederland N.V.

Total is most recognized by its gas stations. Total Nederland sells petroleum products and related services, which provide energy and mobility. For human and vehicle, Total is a source of energy. Total has a retail network of around 350 gas stations well spread throughout the Netherlands, of which a part is under Totals own control. Total is more than a fuel supplier. At the gas stations Total offers numerous services. Some examples: delicious fresh made sandwiches in “Café Bonjour”, cleaning the car in the “Total Wash”, some of the gas stations are equipped with fast electric charging points (Plug to Drive). Besides this there are gas stations that have parking stands, pumps and washing facilities for motorcyclists.

Customers appreciate the service provided by Total. The National Petrol survey 2013, conducted by Foodstep, shows that Dutch car drivers think that Total has the best gas stations. Total gas stations have high ratings mainly due to customer friendly employees and the service-oriented organization.

Number of employees at stations in the Netherlands:    More then 800
Number of point of sales under own control:            
Number of guest contacts per year: